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Four nurses save runaway dog from drowning in river

The nurses jumped into action dog-wow
© CAU-TV Sioux City - Youtube

Nurses are used to saving human lives, but these caregivers pulled off a very different rescue mission after a dog fell into a river and got his head trapped underneath a rock.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 21/03/2020, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

Four nurses from a medical centre in Maine, USA, were halfway through a busy shift when they received an unusual call.

An unusual call

One of the patients had spotted a dog trapped in a river behind the hospital. So the caregivers ran down to the water, but that's when things got complicated.

Speaking to a local news channel, one of the rescuers said:

"We realized he was in the water with his head stuck under a rock. He was scared."

The nurses worked for 10 minutes to free the dog, who managed to escape with no serious injuries. But who was this mysterious dog? And where did he come from?

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His name is Reilly, and he went for a surprise walkies after escaping through a hole in the garden fence.

Reilly is now at home with his owner, Jason Norris, who was quick to praise the rescuers. He told WABI5 News:

"So thankful for the nurses that risked their lives to go into the freezing river to get my baby out."

No more surprise adventures for Reilly

The nurses are back to focusing on their human patients for now, and Reilly seems utterly unfazed by the whole incident.

But he won't be going on anymore surprise adventures- his dog dad has just bought a new fence that's a 100% pooch proof!