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Greedy cat loves to hang out by automatic feeder (even though she’s on a diet)

Cat lies near automatic feeder cat-happy
© Tarin Tanner - Facebook

There's nothing wrong with having a few curves, but when Luna the cat's owners realised she was getting too chubby, they knew they must change how they feed her.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 20/03/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

Luna was 5 weeks old when she was adopted by Tarin Tanner and her family. They already had a cat called Shayla. When it came to feeding time, it was usual to simply leave Shayla’s food out for her to graze on whenever she was hungry.

They did the same for Luna. But they didn’t know just how much their new cat loved food. 

Little Luna was not little anymore. Tarin decided it was time to put the feline food fan on a strict diet.

Automatic feeder

The family invested in an automatic feeder which dispenses small amounts of food five times a day.

At first, Luna was scared by it. But as soon as she realised it was dispensing food, she fell in love with it.

The automatic feeder allots food at the same time each day. And the clever kitty soon worked this out and began to wait by the feeder for each feed time.

Love at first food drop

In fact, Luna’s love for her new feeder even sees her hanging around it even if it’s not feeding time. She’s often found staring at it, willing the feeder to drop some food for her.

See for yourself:


This is my chonky girl Luna. She has an automatic feeder to keep her from getting fatter but she is a very food driven and has learned the times she will be fed. About an hour or so before each feeding she starts doing this because she is very excited. Also, yes, I know the top of the feeder is dusty and it has been cleaned since taking the video. *Edit: Thank you all for loving my cat like I do. She has such a personality and this has caused me to create her an Instagram account. Follow her lazy adventures at "chonkyluna".

Posted by Tarin Tanner on Thursday, March 5, 2020

The automatic feeder has worked wonders in getting Luna to stick to her diet. Which is good as this is one kitty who loves her food.

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