Covid-19: Activities you can do with your cat or dog while in self-isolation

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A pet's company can be a life-saver during self-isolation! If you are worried about how to keep your pet happy during these strange times, don't worry, we've got you covered!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 20/03/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 04/06/2021, 16:05


Raise your hands if you're already sick of isolating! Did your cat lift a paw? We're pretty sure our fluffy friends are quite confused as to why they are now having to share their home with humans all the time!

Keeping busy

Jokes aside, we will be spending a lot of time indoors in the next few weeks. You love your pet, so of course, you are worried about them! But now, more than ever is a time to get creative!

Here are 6 simple ideas of activities you can do indoors with your pet:

1. Stroke your pets

Yep, petting a cat or dog releases feel-good hormones known as oxytocin - in you and in your pets! These will help you both relax and feel content. Plus, as we're not able to hug or kiss anyone lately, having a fluffy friend to hold is so much more important! So keep your pets close!

2. Have a pet movie marathon

We don't know about you, but our favourite movies always feature an adorable cat or dog! Lassie, Beethoven, Homeward name it! What better way to spend an afternoon inside with your pet?


3. Have a pet yoga session

Ok, this one may not be for everyone, but if your pet is feeling adventurous, why not? Yoga is great to help you get some exercise and feel relaxed at the same time. And if your pet isn't too fond of joining in the poses with you, he'll just be happy that you’re hanging out around the house with him!

4. Read aloud to your pet

If you love to read, share this hobby with your pet! They love to hear your voice! And of course, what better books to read to your pets than the old classics: Old Yeller, Call of the Wild…


5. Go for a short walk

If you are not showing any symptoms of illness, then you are still allowed to leave your home for essential activities: grocery shopping, visiting a doctor, and...walking your dog! Of course, you must do so responsibly. This means only walking your dog close to your home and for a short period of time. And do not, under any circumstances, meet others to walk your dog with. The whole idea of isolation is to stay alone!


Here are a few other tips on walking your dog during self-isolation:

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