The Wamiz Team is self-isolating, and our pets are loving it (well, most of them)

mini australian shepherd working on computer dog-cat-happy
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Though the situation is changing day by day, one thing has been made clear: if we can avoid going out to public places or to interact with others, we should. 

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 19/03/2020, 18:00


We for one, are taking the government’s directives seriously and will do whatever it takes to prevent the spread of the virus. And that means home office all the way!

Pets at home

If, like the Wamiz Team, you are lucky enough to be able to work from home, then we know that your pet must be more than happy! Our pets, in any case, most definitely are. So happy, in fact, that they're helping us with our work.

To show you it's completely possible to work at home with a pet in your midst, here's a compilation of our favourite ‘pets at home’ isolation photos:

1. Ozzy, who is not happy with what he's seeing

© Wamiz

He's going to need to have some serious talks with his human.

2. Ollie, who may be little, but is still the boss!

Jack Russell and Miniature Pinscher on bed
© Wamiz

Everyone knows MinPins are little terrors. Edit that article Boogie!

3. Liam, who is mostly here for emotional support

shetland sheepdog and owner
© Wamiz

This Shetland Sheepdog didn’t get the memo that we’re still supposed to be working (and he's not respecting the social distancing rule!!!!)...but we won’t tell anyone…

4. Elton, who is brainstorming with his human

italian greyhound and owner
© Wamiz

This Iggy thinks his ideas are better than his human’s, but he’s pretending to listen to her anyway.

5. Gipsy, who cannot believe what Beth from accounting just said

australian shepherd and owner
© Wamiz

This Australian Shepherd knows that this is a better time than any to catch up on all the workplace gossip.

6. Olympe, Ohana, and PamPam, who think the bed is comfier than the office floor

three dogs on bed with owner
© Wamiz

Yep, these guys aren't going to want to work anywhere else from now on.

7. Nova, who isn't thrilled that she actually has to participate in office life now

cat in front of computer
© Wamiz

Everyone's being recruited! Cats included!

8. Fela, who, on the contrary, is happy to have a warm place to sit now

black cat on computer keyboard
© Wamiz

Now the bird-watching spot is heated too! How fantastic!

9. Popoff and Malinka, who disagree about their isolation feelings

dog and black cat looking at owner working
© Wamiz

Popoff: "Mum, if you could fill up my bowl, it's only half full right now. Then please go back to work so I can have the house to myself again. That would be fab. Thanks."

Malinka: "Mum, when will I see my friends at the office again???"

We hope you are all taking the necessary precautions to avoid the spread of the virus. If possible, stay at home! Good luck to all!

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