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Airport hires dog to chase birds off runway - and you can help name him!

Wyatt has a new job, now he needs a new name dog-wow
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Airport officials have hired a furry helper to scare birds off the runway, and now they're giving dog lovers the chance to come up with the perfect name for the pooch!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 16/03/2020, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

Pilots flying out of Bentonville Airport in Arkansas, USA, have a very unusual problem. A local flock of geese are often seen strolling around on the runways, and these pesky birds delay dozens of take-offs every month.

A furry helper

But everything should start running like clockwork after the airport hired a dedicated goose dog to scare away the runway invaders.

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Nicknamed Flyaway Wyatt, the Border Collie was specially trained by handlers from Flyaway Geese, a company that provides working dogs that chase birds from businesses and properties (without hurting them of course!)


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Flyaway Wyatt can't wait to start his first shift later this month, but there's just one problem - he needs a better name.

Airport officials have come up with four options - Oz, Razor, Thad, and Maverick. You can cast your vote on the City of Bentonville Facebook page. And if you're not impressed with any of the proposed names, feel free to suggest something different.

More four-legged helpers

And while Bentonville isn't exactly a popular destination for UK flyers, you might start seeing some helpful pooches the next time you set off on holiday. Southhampton airport has hired a team of therapy dogs to help calm nervous flyers. A similar scheme is also in place at Aberdeen airport.

Now check out a clip of these clever goose-dogs in action.


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And because we know one is not enough, here's another:


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Ok, last one, we promise!


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