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Wrinkly, furless and angry-looking Sphynx cat becomes social media star

Sphynx cat feet cat-wow
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Xherdan the hairless Canadian Sphynx is hypnotizing the internet with his incredible head-to-toe wrinkles, striking blue eyes and his grumpy-looking frown.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 12/03/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31


There's no mistaking that Xherdan is a unique looking cat. With his large pointy ears, light turquoise blue eyes and his furless, wrinkly skin, this Sphynx cat is certainly different from your average moggy. But it’s also his scowl that has got everyone talking.

Meet Xherdan

Six-year-old Xherdan, from Rüti, Switzerland has been compared to an alien, caterpillar, a Chinese dumpling, old lady and even a brain.


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But to his devoted owner, Sandra Filippi, he is a beautiful feline and just as sweet and loveable as any other family cat.


While his impressive scowl may make you think that Xherdan is a grumpy cat that doesn't like to be around people, then you couldn’t be more wrong. On his official website, Xherdan The Naked Cat,  he explains to fans that he is actually a very cheerful feline, although he does admit to being rather cheeky too.


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And if you think that you need a furry feline in order to enjoy cat cuddles, then think again. Xherdan's skin is soft and warm and his human family love to cuddle him.

Furless and fabulous

To keep him looking fabulous, Xherdan enjoys nothing more than a pampering treatment.

Xherdan's incredible looks have won him a legion of fans on social media and has amassed an extraordinary 22k followers on Instagram (he also has his own YouTube channel!).

Would you go furless and adopt a Sphynx cat just like Xherdan?