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Singapore pets now issued with their own ID card

ID card made for Singapore dog dog-cat-happy
© Pets NRIC - Facebook

A company in Singapore has come up with a novel way for owners to track their pets in the event they become lost. Read on to find out more about NRIC's pet ID cards.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 10/03/2020, 22:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

They may not be real or official but NRIC's pet ID cards may just help a pet to be reunited with its owner. The ID card is designed to look like that carried by a person, and it includes on it the pet's name, address and gender.

The card even includes a mugshot of the pet in question.

The idea came about after NRIC lost one of its own dogs. A pet found with card attached may easily be reunited with its owner, which in turn will stem the flow of unclaimed dogs to the city's pounds.

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Straits Times in 2017 believed there were around 7,000 stray dogs in Singapore, a city state populated by fewer people than London.

NRIC states on its Facebook page that some of the proceeds from sales of the ID card will go towards the upkeep of stray shelters.

Pet ID cards

Pet ID cards have long been available elsewhere in the world, providing more information than might a tag on a collar.

Although an ID card is a good idea, it is no substitute for microchipping. Dog microchipping is compulsory across the UK and has been since 2016. The owner of a dog that is found, alive or dead, without a chip is liable to a fine of £500.

Make sure you chip your dog! And keep an eye out for guidance on cat chipping.