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Unknown person in Manchester is using cat posters to cover racist graffiti

Anti racism cat poster cat-happy
© onenickhancock - Instagram

While there may be a number of ways you can help to stop the spread of racism, one unknown hero has found the purrfect way and we think it's the cat's whiskers.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 08/03/2020, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32

Many of the UK's towns and cities are blighted by racist graffiti, but photos have emerged of someone's rather creative way to cover up racist messaging scrawled across walls and lampposts in Manchester.

Spread purrs not hate

Cat stickers have been popping up all across the city covering racist messages. Along with a picture of a beautiful tabby cat, the stickers say:

‘There was some racist rubbish here but I covered it up with this picture of a cat’

Although no one knows exactly who is responsible for putting up the feline stickers, it's believed the stickers originate from an anti-fascist organisation in Australia.

Residents and visitors to the city have welcomed the sight of the cute kitty replacing inflammatory racist slurs.


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Replace racists with cats?

One person told the Metro:

‘Love this idea. I used to spend hours scraping racist stickers from bus stops.’ 

Another person added,

‘Can’t we just replace racists with cats? At least they know how to cover their sh*t.’

We think it's a pawfect idea!

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