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Heartwarming: Pitbulls help their blind chicken friend find her way

Heartwarming: Pitbulls help their blind chicken friend find her way dog-wow
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We love to see unlikely friendships cropping up between animals but we weren't prepared for this adorable bond between a chicken and a pitbull.

By Natasha James

Published on the 10/03/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31


It's like something from a children's TV show but this blind chicken and this pitbull pup really are best friends.


Gracie always brings our blind house hen her favorite toys and gently places them in front of Peri. There is a special...

Posted by Christa Hubbard on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The sweetest pair

Peri the chicken was a happy house hen until she lost her sight at about 6 months old. Her owners did all that they could, they gave her special low roosting bars, put food bowls on the carpet that made noise, even gave her own ottoman in the lounge where she could “watch” TV but still they worried.

Until her pal Taj the pitbull came along of course.

A friend in need

When Taj came into the home he was instantly drawn to Peri, watching over her closely and acting as her protector, it was as if he knew she needed help. Taj acted as Peri's seeing-eye dog and the two were inseparable, even napping and sunbathing together.

Sadly, after eight years of friendship, Taj became ill and despite the owner's best efforts lost his battle with cancer. Peri knew he'd gone and her usually bright personality faded.

A new hope for Peri?

Her owners knew they needed to do something and so rescued two new pitbull puppies. Thankfully, the plan worked and Peri has already begun to bond with Gracie. Gracie will take toys to her new pal, will lie and wait for Peri when Peri plays in the yard, and even checks on her first thing in the morning.

We're so glad Peri's found a new pitty pal and we'll be first in line to the cinema when this story is made into an animated movie!

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