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Dog cruelly abandoned on street clings desperately to her blanket for comfort

Dog abandoned on street with blanket dog-sad
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When a family from Dallas moved house, among the rubbish they just abandoned on the side of the street when they left was their poor family dog and her blanket.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 06/03/2020, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32

On New Year's Day, Marina Tarashevska, cofounder of Dallas DogRRR, came across the tragic sight of a cold and frightened dog clinging desperately to a dirty wet blanket.

After checking with neighbours, Marina learned that the poor pup had been dumped on the street. The dog was lying on her blanket as if hoping that if she waited long enough her family would return for her.


Marina decided to take the dog in, but every time Marina got close; the dog would run off. But when Marina backed off, the dog would return to her beloved blanket. Marina decided to gradually pull the blanket down the street towards her house.

It took about an hour, but eventually, Marina got the blanket and dog to her garden and was able to get hold of the dog and take her to safety.

Now called Camilla, the dog wouldn't let anyone touch her and had severe wounds on her ears and neck.

Happy ending

But thanks to Marina's swift action and care, Camilla is slowly making a recovery.

To help her recovery, Camilla was taken in by a foster family, where she could get the love and attention she deserved. Once she started to feel better, Camilla's personality began to show and she started to trust people and show her affectionate side.

She now loves nothing more than a cuddle with her foster mum.

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