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When pregnant pup is injured, fellow stray refuses to leave her side

When pregnant pup is injured, fellow stray refuses to leave her side dog-wow
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Part of the reason we love dogs so much is their loyal and protective nature. This stray refused to leave his fellow pup's side for the most heart-warming reason.

By Natasha James

Published on the 07/03/2020, 15:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32

Picture the scene: a busy highway, a seriously injured dog and a protective four-legged friend doggedly watching on. It sounds like a scene from a movie but it really happened in California.

A friend in need

It seems that one of the dogs (Marley) had been injured by a passing car but rather than get himself to safety, the other dog (Murphy) loyally waited for hours with his pal until help arrived.

After hundreds of cars whizzed by, one finally stopped and called for help from the Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue.

Help at last

When the rescue team arrived, they found that Marley was seriously injured. The crew weren't sure if she was going to make it.

Pal Murphy watched on as the rescue team carefully loaded Marley into the car and once she was in place, hopped next to her and curled up to rest his head on her tummy.

Once back at the centre, an x-ray revealed that Marley had several broken bones and more surprisingly 11 puppies that were due any day!

A natural mum

Labour wasn't without its issues but Marley birthed 11 healthy puppies and cared for her young despite having casts on two legs.

Marley and Murphy have since both found forever homes where they are much-loved members of the family.

We wish both dogs (and all 11 pups) very long and happy lives, they deserve it!

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