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Watch: Calf is raised by German Shepherds, and now he thinks he is one too

german shepherd laying down on concrete dog-happy
© Coral Algie - Facebook

After giving birth to 11 puppies, a German Shepherd mum adopted a 12th baby. But there is something very special about her adopted ‘pup’…he weighs almost 600 kilos!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 18/02/2021, 06:30, Updated on the 25/03/2021, 08:01

Like the Mowgli of the cow world, Buddy was adopted by a family of canines! He's spent so much time with them that he now believes he's a dog himself! He runs, plays, and acts just like them!

A new mum for an orphaned baby

Buddy was rescued by Wayne and Coral Algie, a couple of breeders from New South Wales, Australia. Tragically, Buddy lost his mother the day after he was born, when she drowned in a nearby canal.

The couple knew that they had to find a new mum to look after Buddy. And they couldn't think of anyone better fit for the job than their German Shepherd Bada, who had just given birth to 11 puppies.

It was love at first sight for the dog and the calf. Bada took Buddy under her wing, and the two immediately bonded. But that wasn't the only special friendship that emerged from the situation. Buddy bonded with all 11 of his tiny siblings!

The calf who believed he was a dog

Growing up with dogs, Buddy has learned to be exceptionally affectionate with humans, particularly with the children, with whom he loves to cuddle and play with.

As of today, Buddy drinks 4 litres of milk a day and will weigh a whopping 600 kilos once he reaches his adult size! But rest assured, Coral and Wayne see him as a part of the family, and it will always remain that way.