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Kitty sneaks into Zoo’s lynx enclosure – the big cat’s reaction SURPRISES everyone!

lynx cat-wow
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Stray cats look for food and shelter wherever they can. But this kitty found it in the most unexpected of places...and what's more, she made it her forever home!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 15/02/2021, 06:30, Updated on the 25/03/2021, 08:01

One night, an unexpected visitor made an appearance at the St. Petersburg Zoo. On the lookout for scraps of food, the little stray cat noticed there was still some meat left in the lynx’s bowl. So, she snuck into the enclosure and went to help herself.

A surprising friendship

Our natural reaction would be to think that the cat then becomes – ironically – dead meat. But nothing of the sort! Not only did the lynx not chase the cat away, but she even shared her meal with her new acquaintance.

So naturally, the cat came back, time and time again, for a meal. And time and time again, Linda the lynx happily shared. The two quickly developed a special bond, and soon, they were inseparable.

Happily ever after

It was clear to zoo staff that these two were very content together, and so, decided to let them be. The ex-stray, now named Dusia, lives permanently at the zoo with her lynx friend. She's probably the only cat in the world to have her very own enclosure in a zoo!

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