Dog saves little girl lost in Siberian forest full of bears

Little girl found in woods dog-wow
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A three-year-old girl not only defied the odds by surviving an incredible 11 days lost in a Siberian forest, but she did so thanks to a special canine hero.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 01/03/2020, 22:00, Updated on the 26/07/2021, 17:15


Karina Chikitova lives in a remote Siberian village with her family and beloved family dog Naida.

One day, unbeknown to anyone, Karina, with her faithful dog Naida by her side, followed her father into the wilderness. But she soon lost her father's trail and couldn't find her way back home.


When her family realised she was missing, a huge search team went out to look for her but with no success.

Then, nine days after the girl had gone missing, Naida returned home, without Karina. The dog urged the rescuers to follow it back into the forest. But Naida couldn't find the spot where it had left the little girl.

Search party

But then a child's footprint was found beside a dog's. It showed Karina was barefoot, which told the search team she was unlikely to be in the woods. This helped narrow their search.

Then a day or so later a rescuer spotted a mound in the tall grass.

Finally found!

It was Karina. The little girl was thirsty, starving, exhausted and covered in mosquito bites, but she was alive.

Karina told her family that she survived by drinking river water and eating berries. And of course, Naida. Her faithful pup who gave her warmth and comfort.

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