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Pet owners panic as Pomeranian dog tests positive for coronavirus in Hong Kong

Pomeranian dog dog-serious
© Pixabay

A dog belonging to a coronavirus patient in Hong Kong has been diagnosed with a low level of the virus. The dog, who probably caught the virus from its owner, is now in quarantine.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 28/02/2020, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32

The Pomeranian is believed to be the first known case of a pet catching the virus. Swabs were taken from its oral and nasal cavities for testing with results revealing a ‘weak positive’ to coronavirus, known as COVID-19.

Dog in quarantine

While the pup is not displaying any symptoms of the virus, it's not known whether it is actually infected or just carrying it in its nose and mouth.

The dog is now being kept in quarantine in Hong Kong's only quarantine facility where its condition is being monitored and further testing can be carried out.

Hygiene reminder

Health officials have been reassuring pet owners that while there is currently no evidence that pets can be infected with the virus or pass it on to people, they should get into the habit of washing hands after touching their pets.

People who are affected by the coronavirus should keep their pets in quarantine for at least 14 days.

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