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Hilarious dog finds adult toy on walk and refuses to give it up

Hilarious dog finds adult toy on walk and refuses to give it up dog-wow
© Unsplash

There's no accounting for taste and when this pup found a new “toy” on her walk, her owner was a little horrified (and more than a little amused)...

By Natasha James

Published on the 01/03/2020, 15:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32

We've all taken our pup for a walk before only for them to emerge joyfully from a bush with a half-eaten tennis ball or discarded children’s toy like it's a prized possession.

A prize find?

This dog owner got a little more than she bargained for when her dog emerged with a silicone sex toy clamped happily between her teeth.

Lissa Cross from New Zealand was out walking her Staffordshire Mastiff cross when Huni spotted something interesting in the undergrowth.

She bound over and started to dig enthusiastically, finally emerging delightedly with her new toy.

Determined doggo

When her owner saw what it was she couldn't stop laughing. Huni, on the other hand, didn't see the funny side and refused to give up her new toy for almost an hour!

When Lissa finally managed to wrestle her dog's new toy away from her, she buried it safely to ensure no other unwitting pet owners were faced with a similar fate!

She recorded the whole thing on her phone and the video has unsurprisingly become something of a hit on social media.

The pictures are very funny but do act as a reminder that dogs can find the strangest things so if you're disposing of something that shouldn't be found, do so properly.

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