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Irresponsible dog owner angers Netflix viewers as she feeds wine to her dog

Reality TV star and golden retriever dog-angry
© Jessica Batten - Instagram

Viewers of a Netflix dating show have been left disgusted and angry after watching one of the programme's stars share a glass of red wine with her dog.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 26/02/2020, 22:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32


Love Is Blind is a popular dating show on the streaming service that sees 30 men and women spend 10 days trying to find love. But while they don't actually meet, they can talk to each other. This is probably just as well as one participant revealed some very disturbing behaviour with her dog.


The episode that has got everyone talking, shows Jessica Batten chatting to fellow participant Mark Cuevas.


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As they chat, Jessica, who has been sipping from a glass of red wine shares the glass with her dog. To viewers horror, she puts the glass to her dog's mouth so the pup can sip from it.

Viewers shocked

As the Golden Retriever slurps the alcoholic drink, Jessica comments, “She loves wine”.


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Netflix viewers took to Twitter to share their disgust and not just that Jessica continued to drink her wine after a dog had stuck its tongue in her glass.

Danger for dogs

Wine can be potentially fatal to pups. Not only does it contain grapes, which are extremely toxic to dogs, but the alcohol content can also damage their liver and kidneys. The effects of alcohol can also leave a dog feeling frightened and distressed.

Watch the moment that's got viewers so upset:


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