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Neighbour's brilliant idea saves dog's life while owner is away

golden retriever behind bars dog-sad
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When the coronavirus broke out in 2020, hundreds of people were banned from leaving Wuhan. One man was forced to stay there while his dog was home alone in a different city.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 11/03/2021, 06:30

The Golden Retriever was located at this man’s home in Guanzhou, a city north-west of Hong Kong.

With his owner being kept in Wuhan, the dog patiently awaited his owner's return, not knowing that he would have to wait a very long time.

A devastating situation

But the most worrying part of the situation was that the dog was left without food, water, or the ability to go outdoors for days. Luckily for him, a guardian angel lived right across the street.

One day, sad, hungry, and resigned, the dog took a nap out on his balcony. That's when a neighbour noticed him. Knowing that the dog's owner had recently gone to Wuhan for work, he immediately understood the situation. But he didn't know how to contact the dog's owner.

A brilliant idea

So he did the next best thing: he made sure the dog was safe and healthy. He didn't have keys to the apartment, so he used a long pole to deposit food and water on the balcony where the famished dog was eagerly waiting.

Shortly after, the neighbour was able to contact the building's administrator. He was able to enter the apartment, retrieve the dog, and bring it to a local animal rescue where he will be kept and cared for until his owner returns from Wuhan.

If it wasn't for this heroic neighbour's actions, this beautiful Golden Retriever might have perished in his owner's apartment…we are so thankful for his quick-thinking!

Check out the incredible rescue video below:

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