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5 animals making the most of the space they’re in

four cats sharing small black box dog-cat-wow
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Curling up in front of the fire or at the foot of the bed is so 2019. These pets know all about occupying space and they're doing it in style.

By Natasha James

Published on the 22/02/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32

Some pets live in tiny one-bedroom flats in the middle city, others live in sprawling country houses. But, what these fluff balls all have in common is their ability to make the most of the space they're in, how ever funny it might look to us.

1. These kittens who think trainers make perfectly good seats

To be fair to these kitty cats, this lady's shoes do look a lot warmer and more comfortable than the concrete floor. Maybe they're onto something…


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2. This tiny pup who found the perfect warm spot

The slight smile, the comfy pose, the restful nap. If this puppy was ours, we'd let them sleep there too.

3. These four kitty cats who all fit perfectly, thank you very much

Okay, so maybe if it was us we *might* make use of the huge sofa in the background but if these little moggies are happy here then we'd never, ever suggest moving them!


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4. This pooch who has found the perfect place to sunbathe

You've got the warmth from the sun on your tum, the warmth from your human on your back and the lovely bobbing motion of the water. This spot makes perfect sense to us, too!


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5. This mini kitty who's as warm and toasty as can be

Lap? Quite warm. Neck? Warmer still. Underneath owner's hoodie? Absolutely toasty.


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