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Devoted mum keeps babies alive through snowstorm until help arrives

Snowbelle is a real super-mum dog-wow
© Red Lake Rosie's Rescue - Facebook

A stray dog proved there's no limit to a mum's love after she protected her newborn puppies during a snowstorm. Now she and her babies are waiting for their first proper homes!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 22/02/2020, 13:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32

The hero mum, christened Snowbelle by animal rescuers, gave birth to six puppies during a vicious snowstorm in Minnesota, USA.

The harsh winters of Minnesota

Minnesota is notorious for nasty winters, which include heavy snowfall and temperatures of −51 °C!

But with no escape from the freezing conditions, Snowbelle only had one option. She dug a hole in the snow, wrapped herself around her babies, and hoped for the best.

Three weeks later, the super-mum stopped producing milk. And with no let-up in the weather, the little family wouldn't survive for much longer.

Then somebody spotted the freezing pups and called Red Lake Rosies Rescue Centre. They were happy to take the dogs, so the good samaritan drove them up to the shelter.

The power of a mother's love

Mum and her babies are now recovering well, and Snowbelle is already producing milk again. The family will stay at the centre for a few months before they go up for adoption.

Although the story has a happy ending, there's one thing rescuers can't figure out - how did Snowbelle keep her puppies alive for so long?

We'll never know the real answer, but we think this mum's love was just too strong to let her puppies go!

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