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UK study reveals 17% of dog and cat owners regret choosing their breed

A Weimaraner dog lies against black background dog-cat-wow
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A survey by Sainsbury's Pet Insurance reveals that 51% of pet owners did not take the time to research the breed of their dog or cat, and not doing so has led them to ‘regret’.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 17/02/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32


Sainsbury's Bank commissioned Opinium to survey 1,897 pet owners in December of last year. 51% Respondents admitted to not having researched the breed characteristics of their pet, and 22% then regretted their ultimate choice of breed.

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Writes Sainsbury’s of the survey, “Reasons for regret included that they didn't have enough time to look after the animal (31%), they turned out to be allergic to the pet (18%) and because they didn't like their pet's personality (16%).”

Sainsbury's Bank Pet Insurance has since launched “Pawfect Match”, a tool to enable future pet owners to make informed decisions when choosing the most suitable breed.

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The study also revealed that although 50% of owners chose to own a pet in order to seek companionship, 5% of owners did so because the cat or dog had featured in a film or in the arms of a celebrity.

Rehoming vs. Purchase

Perhaps a greater cause for concern however is the four fifths of owners who did not buy or adopt their pet from a rehoming centre.

The RSPCA re-homes over 40,000 pets annually. In 2018 the Society rehomed or rescued over 100,000 dogs. There are currently a huge number of cats and dogs in rehoming centres, to which our attention should fall prior to puppy farms and breeders.

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