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10 cats you should definitely be afraid of

10 cats you should definitely be afraid of cat-happy
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Cats are adorable. It's a fact. But, for all their purrs and fluff, they also have a healthy amount of sass. Check out these cats who we certainly wouldn't pick a fight with.

By Natasha James

Published on the 16/02/2020, 15:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32


You've made these cats cross and honestly? We can't really blame them. You should apologise and give plenty of fuss and treats (right away – if you know what's good for you).

1. This cat who isn't afraid to show her fangs

You can tell she's cross, she’s got her fangs out. We don't want to say it's your fault but…


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2. This guy who's calculating the perfect pounce distance

This cross kitty has calculated how long it will take to reach you to show you just how sharp his claws are.


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3. This cat who's thinking of joining the dark side…

This little kitty used to be a Jedi until you made him cross and now he's on Darth Vader's side.


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4. …And this cat who was born into the dark side

Nothing other than interplanetary domination will satisfy this cat's need for power so watch your step!


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5. This cat who can't believe you let a bird into your house

You might just escape the wrath of this kitty but you should definitely keep an eye on your parakeet.


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6. This cat who doesn't care Valentine's Day was just a few days ago

Okay, this kitty isn't cross with the idea of Valentine's Day as such, they're just cross that you thought wrapping them in a feather boa would ever be a good idea.


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7. This cat who knows your secrets

This cat isn't going to tell anyone all of your secrets but they do know what you did and they are judging you for it. A lot.


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8. This cat who's plotting revenge

This sad little kitty is wet and forlorn now but just you wait…


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9. This kitty who wonders what humans taste like

It's been a long two hours since this lady last had a decent meal and right now, you look pretty tasty.


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10. This cat who is the king of angry cats

Even treats and fuss won't work on this furious kitty. We'd advise you to step away verrry slowwwly…


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