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Watch: Bulldog's agility trial run shocks everyone!

Rudy shocked everyone dog-wow
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A chunky Bulldog surprised everyone with his amazing performance during an agility trial at the Westminster Dog Show. Now a video of his routine has gone viral!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 13/02/2020, 15:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32


You should never judge a dog by its breed. However, it's fair to say that Rudy the Bulldog doesn't look like the most athletic pooch in the world.

The little chunk has a barrel-shaped body, tiny legs, and a face that seems to say, 'I'm ready for nap time now.'

Not your average Bulldog

In other words, he isn't exactly built for the high-intensity world of dog agility.

So when the crowd at The Westminster Dog Show saw Rudy getting ready to tackle the obstacle course, they thought they were about to witness some kind of comedy routine.

But Rudy clearly hadn't read their script. Because as soon as his dog-mum said go, Rudy flew off like a champion.

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He tore up the course in an impressive 46secs, leaping over obstacles like a mini-gazelle.

The crowd were soon cheering him on, while the event's commentators expressed their own amazement. 

"Nobody expected the Bulldog to do that," said one commentator. "That was awesome!"

No trophy, but Rudy is still a winner

Unfortunately, Rudy didn't take home a prize for his performance.

Still, he's a winner in our eyes.

And with his Youtube video clocking close to 2.5miillion views, it looks like Von Rudolph Augustus Perkins (to use his full name) is definitely the people's champion!