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Watch: Cat approaches bubble bath and does something unbelievable

cat pawing at bubble bath cat-wow
© AjAnimalKing - Twitter

Veterinary medicine student AJ is relaxing in his bubble bath when his ginger tabby approaches the tub. And what happens next has got the whole world laughing!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 02/03/2021, 06:30, Updated on the 19/03/2021, 14:06

AJ, animal lover and passionate environmentalist, filmed the hilarious scene.

He then posted it on his Twitter account with the caption: “Did my cat just give himself a bath?” 

One clean cat

That sure is what it looks like! The adorable cat plunges a paw into the bubbles and shortly after, is seen with a large pile of foam on his head! Thoroughly shampooed, he then proceeds to place his head under the trickle of water to rinse the bubbles off. And finally, with a good shake, the cute kitty dries himself off, looking very proud of himself!

Bath time goes viral!

Though it seems the video is a montage of various videos put together by AJ, it’s still a firm favourite for the cat-loving community. In fact, the 10-second video has already amassed over 190k likes and has been re-tweeted 57k times! Who knew cat hygiene could be so popular?

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