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10 dog posts to melt even the coldest hearts this Valentine’s Day

10 dog posts to melt even the coldest hearts this Valentine’s Day dog-happy
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There are hearts in every shop window and chocolates are twice the price, yes the season of romance is officially here. If your love doesn't love dogs, then we're here to help.

By Natasha James

Published on the 14/02/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32


Know someone who doesn't love dogs? Rather than try to fathom what on earth is wrong with them, just change their minds instead with these magical pooches instead. Which one is your favourite?

1. This dog who's learned to sled

“What's the point in getting a dog? They just eat, sleep and poop.” And sled! Yep, this furry ball of fun has worked out how to sled and it's absolutely adorable!

2. This dog who knows the vet is just trying to help

Dogs can be forgiven for shying away from needles at the vets. This very, very good girl understands that the vet is just trying to help and sits patiently with her paw extended. We defy you to watch this and not immediately fall in love with dogs.

3. This dog who's perfected her pose

Eyes to camera, slight smile, straight back... This dog has camera poses in the bag.


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4. This dog who doesn't let anything hold him back

A missing paw is no match for this gorgeous pupper who leaps around with the best of them.

5. This dog about town

This Italian Greyhound understands a hard day's work and she also understands how to treat herself to a coffee and a nice bow for a job well done.


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6. This dog dad who's too tired to intervene

Being the father of three puppies must be tough. He deserves a rest, whatever the kids are up to.

7. This dog who's discovered the joys of the swing

Baby swings: great for babies, even better for dogs!


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8. This dog who just wants the bone he's entitled to

There's a bone at the bottom of his dish and he wants it. That seems pretty reasonable to us.

9. This dog who is not happy at all with the newcomer

You'd be alarmed too if there was suddenly an exact replica of you in your home but they were wearing a snazzier outfit.

10. This pooch who's very happy with his new hat

This Golden Retriever knows he looks cool. What he doesn't know, is that he also looks absolutely adorable.


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