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Selfish commuters leave blind man in tears as he tries to protect guide dog

Blind man and guide dog dog-angry
© Kika_GuideDog - Twitter

We may complain about having to tackle rush hour, but a blind man was left in tears when he was refused a seat in the disabled section while travelling with his guide dog.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 17/03/2021, 06:30

Amit Patel had to give up his career as a doctor when five years ago he became blind after suffering a haemorrhage. His guide dog Kika has since become his lifeline.

Amit was travelling to Waterloo East on a busy Southeastern train with his Labrador guide dog Kika. When Amit boarded the train, he asked Kika to find a seat. Usually, Kika can find a free seat, or someone gives up their seat. But not this time.

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No seats

Despite there being a designated disabled section, passengers refused to give up their seat to Amit. This meant Amit had to stand against the doors for the 25-minute journey. As he couldn't find a pole to hold onto, he nearly fell several times.

Hardworking dog

The journey wasn't easy for Kika either.

As the floor was too wet for her to lie down, she was forced to balance on her back paws and her tail was trodden on a few times.

"People don't realise how hard Kika has to work…if she can't concentrate because she can't lie down, then she can't keep me safe,” Amit told The Evening Standard.

After Amit tweeted about his ordeal, the train company apologised and said they will be rolling out clearer priority seat signage.