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This Golden retriever's reaction when he sees the mailman will MAKE YOUR DAY!

Moose decided he needed a new friend dog-happy
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A video shows the adorable moment when a Golden Retriever made a new best friend - the mailman. Now the pooch waits at the same spot every day to give his buddy a big hug!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 13/02/2021, 07:30, Updated on the 25/03/2021, 08:01


Like all Golden Retrievers, Moose is a real people dog!

A pooch with a giant heart

He loves his dog-parents and greets everybody he meets like a long-lost friend.

But he's got a special place in his big-heart for one regular visitor to his family home - the mailman!

The beautiful friendship began a few weeks ago when a new mailman was assigned to the route covering Moose's house.

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Moose saw him getting out of the van and instantly got a friendly vibe.

He begged his dog mum to let him go out and say hello to the man. So she opened the front door, and then this happened!


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The pair are now best friends, and Moose makes sure he's always there whenever the mailman arrives.

And this loving pup isn't content with just a few strokes and back scratches - Moose goes in for the big cuddle every time!

Did Moose know the man needed a new friend?

But there's another twist to this 'tail.' Moose's owner found out the mailman's dog had recently passed away.

So did Moose detect something that us humans can't see? Did he know straight away that the mailman needed a new furry friend?

We think so, and Moose's story is another example of the incredible bond between dogs and humans.


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