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The exploits of this seafaring Burmese kitten will amaze you!

Miss Rigby on board with her crew cat-happy
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Four-year-old Miss Rigby has spent almost her whole life surrounded by water. Unlike most land-lubber felines, she feels most at home on the open sea.  

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 09/02/2020, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32

Five years ago husband and wife Shane and Maryvonne both in their 50s decided to leave behind their fast-paced life in Australia. They instead chose to sail the seven seas and, by doing so, see the world.


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The meeting 

A year after setting sail the pair arrived at a harbour in Long Island, New York. Here they met their prospective (and very furry) shipmate.

Also known as Rigs, Miss Rigby was given to Maryvonne by a Connecticut breeder. 

But before whisking Miss Rigby away on an adventure they took their time to train her in the art of swimming and sailing. By doing so they hoped she would become as accustomed to life at sea as she was to life on land.


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On board 

The 'pirate' feline has since spent all of her time on board the 50-foot yacht boat with her new family, and has in fact proved to be a natural in the art of ocean sailing. All three live on the boat throughout the year, and have most recently explored the coastal waters of the United States and the Caribbean.

“They [Burmese cats] are extremely loving and loyal and also trainable—well, as much as you can train a cat,” Maryvonne told Good News Network. “But the boat is her home and she loves it.

“We can be in terrible sea conditions, but she makes it bearable with her purring and cuteness. I can’t imagine not having her onboard,” Maryvonne added. “

The Burmese cat breed

Check out a video of the seafaring kitty here: