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Watch: Explorer spots a screaming kitten and has no idea what he’s getting into

Kitten and explorer in the snow cat-wow
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An explorer is on a 60 km (37 miles) trek through snowy Canada but has he walks, he suddenly hears a distressing sound and knows he has to act fast.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 01/03/2021, 06:30

31 year old Max Adams became a life savior.

While out on a hike on Lake Winnegami in cold Canada, he suddenly heard a noise that sounds like meows.

The wanderer saved a tiny creature

He hears something crying for help. As he approaches a tree, Max noticed a tiny kitten stuck on a branch and too scared to come down. Max decided to react fast and climbs up the tree to save this small animal. The kitten is overjoyed and shows him how grateful she is by cuddling him. On the way back to the car, the kitten won’t leave Max’s side.

A new best friend

Max took the kitten to the vet to check up on her. The vet noticed a frostbite on her tail and decided to remove her tail.

Max asked around to see if the kitten was missing. But after two days without any news, he decided to adopt her. A decision that certainly made this beautiful creature really happy. 

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