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When a rescuee becomes a rescuers: Meet the life-saving kitty with a sixth sense

Black cat cat-wow
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We hear many noble stories of dogs saving humans. This superstar kitty is taking them all on and becoming a superhero in his own right.

By Natasha James

Published on the 08/02/2020, 22:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32


When Glen Schallman adopted a one-year-old kitty, he had no idea that he was also inviting a lifesaver to live with him.

The lucky black cat

Glen has a rare neurological condition which causes him to have almost daily seizures which can be life-threatening.

The black kitty has certainly been very lucky to Glen and despite having no training and not being a registered therapy animal, he seems to have a sixth sense about when his owner is in trouble.

Life-threatening sleep seizures

When Glen has seizures in his sleep, Blake bites his toes to wake him up and alert him to what's happening.

While seizures are dangerous at any time, sleep seizures can be particularly hazardous as they can interfere with breathing and quickly turn deadly. Meaning little Blake has almost certainly saved Glen’s life on more than one occasion.

What’s more, Blake seems to sense danger and has been known to jump on Glen’s lap when a seizure starts and purr and stroke his arm until the danger has passed.

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Rescuee becomes rescuer

Glen is thought to be the oldest living person with his rare condition, helped in no small part by his much-beloved moggy.

Little did Glen know when he rescued this kitty that the cat would go on to rescue him almost every day.

Well done Blake. We wish both of you a long and happy life together.


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