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Breeder abandons this special Husky, but now couldn't regret it more

Rescue workers are still trying to find the right owner dog-sad
© Husky House - Facebook

An owner abandoned his husky at a shelter because she was 'funny' looking. Now a group of dog lovers are working round the clock to find this adorable pooch a forever home!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 14/03/2021, 07:30

All dogs are special, but some are a bit more special than others.

So say hello to Jubilee, the cross-eyed Siberian Husky with one of the most adorable faces in the world. 

A very special looking pup

But not everyone can appreciate this amazing pooch. 

Jubilee found herself at the Husky House Rescue Centre after her owner told the staff he didn't want her anymore because of her 'funny' looks.

Speaking to boredpanda, one staff member said:

"The person called and demanded we pick up the dog, or they were dumping her in a local shelter." 

Jubilee was a little shy at first, but rescue workers soon realised she was a big-hearted pooch with lots of loves to give. 

They shared her story via social media but are still waiting for the perfect owner to enquire about Jubillee.

The perfect owner is out there

However, given some of the responses from the dog-loving public, we're sure the right person is out there somewhere.

One person posted:

"I think your cute little cartoon eyes are so damn adorable..."

We couldn't agree more. So let's all keep our paws crossed for Jubilee. After all, every dog deserves a loving home.