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Beagle dog does the most unexpected thing for an abandoned baby possum [Video]

Beagle dog with possum on grass dog-happy
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A story of the exploits of a beagle from Down Under highlights an extraordinary act of kindness, and confirms what we have known for centuries: dogs are creatures of love. 

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 05/02/2020, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32


Last year, a beagle called Molly stumbled upon a motherless baby possum. Usually a baby possum gets left behind by its family because it loses its grip on its mother’s pouch. It is also sometimes the case that a possum is abandoned by its mother and shunned by the litter.

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Living on a farm in Australia, Molly was used to encountering animals other than cats and dogs. But of her reaction to the possum Molly’s human parents were surprised. Elle and Sara Moyle noticed how nurturing Molly became.

When the dog first approached the house they were astonished at Molly’s willingness to leave the possum clinging to its fur.

Writes The Animal Rescue Site: “It was clearly love at first sight, so Elle and Sara let Molly keep her new baby.”

Elle and Sara nicknamed the little possum “Poss,” and Poss instantly became a member of the family.

An unlikely pair

 “They’re an unlikely pair,” Elle said. “I think that possum thought that Molly was her mother, and vice versa.”

Molly may be Poss’s surrogate mother, but the possum is free to leave the house whenever it chooses. Elle and Sara are all too aware that it is still very much a wild animal, and as such may want to fend for itself eventually.


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Sara said of Molly’s adoption of Poss, “It’s certainly uplifted [Molly’s] mood, they both needed each other, I think, so it’s been a fantastic relationship.”

Watch a video from CBS about Molly's story here: