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Owner can't find its flowerpot, sees his Golden Doodle and can't stop laughing [Video]

Naughty Berkeley wearing sunglasses and stars and stripes scarf dog-happy
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Dogs, especially youngsters, can lay rooms to waste! We look at the rise of Naughty Berkeley: a one-year-old dog with style that recently hit the internet.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 04/02/2020, 22:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32


The pup lives with his owner Justin Jones in Utah, USA. Returning home one afternoon Mr Jones discovered his living room trashed, and amid the household havoc the remains of a beloved houseplant.


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Beside the plant Berkeley lay, as sheepish as ever and with a plant pot over his head.

What did you do, Berk? What did you do?” Jones can be heard asking during the online video of the devastation.  “You’re a monster.”

Mom and dad weren’t happy but it was worth it,” Berkeley says. 


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Writes The Metro Jones said, “He knocked [the tree] over and chewed it to shreds! ‘It took about an hour or two to get all of that dirt up.”

Berkeley’s journey begins

Because the dog looked so utterly helpless the moment was, at least for Jones, a watershed. He knew Berkeley’s mischievous antics had to be broadcast worldwide, and in a short space of time the 27-year-old had launched the ‘Naughty Berkeley’ Instagram account.

The Golden Doodle: Find out more

Viewers from around the world can now marvel at Berkeley’s every day encounters with gutters, pillows, shoes and snow.


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Stay tuned to Berkeley’s antics by visiting Naughty Berkeley's Instagram account