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Therapy cat helps child with autism meet his Game of Thrones idol

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Quita the Kitty is an office cat and emotional support animal at Penrose Care, London. But she doesn't only change the lives of the people she meets at work.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 31/01/2020, 13:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32

A few days ago, a segment of “The Eternals” film was being shot in Quita’s neighbourhood. Haphazardly while walking around the set, she and her owner Robert “Bob” Stephenson-Padron came across an eleven-year-old boy who was desperate to catch a glimpse of his favourite actor, who was working on the film: Kit Harington.


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Working her magic

So Quita did what she does best and used her charm to put a smile on the boy’s face. She soon befriended Barry Curtis, the head of security on the film set. This gave her owner the opportunity to talk about a certain little boy named Natty, whose dream it was to meet his Game of Thrones idol. It only took a few purrs and ‘Puss in Boots’-eyes from Quita to convince the security guards and site directors that they had to help make this child's dream come true.


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Feline heroic!

Three short hours later, Kit Harington showed up at the Calici Restaurant from where Natty was observing the filming. Of the encounter, Natty's mum said:

“Kit Harington was really nice, he shook hands and sat down with him. It was probably the best day of Natty’s life.” 

Kit even signed an autograph for Natty! And of course, before he left, he thanked Quita, who had made it all possible, with a little pat on the head. Lucky Quita!

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