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Man instantly regrets throwing wedding ring away, but a furry hero saves the day!

Odin is trained to detect human scent dog-wow
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A police pooch proved he's got one of the best noses in the business during a rather unusual search mission. What's more, he might have just rescued one couple's marriage!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 30/01/2020, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32

Odin the police German Shepherd dog was patrolling with his human handler when the pair spotted two men searching through a row of bushes by torchlight.

Odin comes to the rescue

So PC Carl Woodall pulled over to investigate. It turned out that one of the men had launched his wedding ring into the bushes following an argument with his wife.

And now that the pair had reconciled, he had to find the ring!

Speaking to the Metro, PC Woodall said:

"Apparently the man pulled the ring off and threw it in a momentary loss of temper but very quickly regretted his actions and was desperate to find it."

Thankfully, the veteran dog handler knew exactly what to do. He opened up the back doors of the police van and put his furry, four-legged partner on the case.

Seconds later, Odin let out a big bark, and the man was reunited with his wedding ring.

"The men said they'd been looking for quite some time and the ring was quite small, so I wasn't confident there'd be enough scent for Odin," said PC Woodall.

"It was in grass a couple of inches long. And of course, it was pitch black. They could have spent all night and still not found it."

He continued:

 "But [Odin] proved me wrong and indicated by the ring in a matter of seconds." 

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The hero we needed

The officers were back on patrol five minutes later, and the man returned home with his wedding ring.

Now this isn't the kind of job Odin was trained for, but his latest heroics definitely saved one man's marriage.

Surely that deserves a few extra doggy treats?


#RingMaster | A man had Police Dog Odin to thank for reuniting him with his wedding ring – after he threw it away...

Posted by Birmingham Police on Tuesday, January 28, 2020