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4 totally pawsome pets that prove three legs can be just as good as four

4 totally pawsome pets that prove three legs can be just as good as four dog-cat-happy
© Pixabay

You may think that missing a leg would likely slow a pet down and stop them from enjoying life. But you couldn't be more wrong when it comes to these tripaws.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 01/02/2020, 13:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32


1. Wobbly Thomas

Cuddly Thomas was hit by a car and had to have his leg amputated. Today, what Thomas lacks in legs is certainly made up with by all the love he gets from his adopted family.


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2. Tripaws Alice and Elwood

Tortoiseshell Alice was just three months old when her leg was caught in some farm equipment. Her paw was in such bad condition that her leg was amputated. Meanwhile, Elwood was found malnourished and with a rotting leg injury. Although his leg had to be removed, he now enjoys a happy new life with Alice, his tripaw sibling.


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3. Brave Bear

Poor little Bear was thrown off a cliff when he was just a puppy. Fortunately, he was found but his front right leg had to be amputated. The poor pup also has a constant twitch which makes him look like he has permanent hiccups. But none of this has held him back and he loves nothing more than to run around with his fur sibling and his human family.


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4. Three paws Peggles

Little Peggles the Chihuahua was found in a bush missing part of one of her front legs. While no one knows what happened to Peggles, the rest of her leg had to be amputated. Despite missing a leg, Peggles doesn't miss out on anything in her new forever home.


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