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10 reasons you absolutely, definitely shouldn’t get a Golden Retriever

10 reasons you absolutely, definitely shouldn’t get a Golden Retriever dog-happy
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Are the family pestering you to get a dog? Even worse, are they trying to convince you to get a Golden Retriever? Here are 10 reasons why you most definitely should not say yes…

By Natasha James

Published on the 31/01/2020, 22:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32


If you're currently debating whether or not to get a Golden then we're here to help. We've come up with an extensive list of all the reasons why it definitely wouldn’t be a good idea, ahem.

1. They're not big softies


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Yep, Goldens are big old brutes. I mean, just look at this video, vicious!

2. They're relentlessly energetic


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Yep, they never want to cuddle up and have a very comfy nap, ever.

3. They're not at all friendly with other Goldens…


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Yep, you'll never see them giving adorable doggy kisses to their fellow Goldens.

4. ...or other dogs in general


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Yep, not friendly with these guys at all.

5. …or cats for that matter


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The snarl, the tense posture…who are we kidding? This Golden is so okay with her little feline pals.

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6. They're terrible with kids


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You'll never find your dog patiently playing with your toddler or protectively watching over your baby…Okay, well maybe they ARE pretty good with kids but they're not very attractive dogs.

7. You'll never find a flattering light


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Whatever the weather and whatever the location, you’ll never find the right light for your pup.

8. They take TERRIBLE pictures


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You'll never manage to take a good snap of a golden, even with the perfect camera pose. See, this pic has barely got over, um, 15,000 likes on Instagram…

9. You can't take them anywhere


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It's true, there's no way he or she will end up being your most loyal companion and coming with you wherever you go.

10. See! Not cute at all


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Just look at this little guy, not heart breakingly adorable AT ALL…

If we've convinced you of one things with this article, we hope it's that you definitely should not get a Golden Retriever...