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Rebel cat banned from supermarket (but refuses to leave!)

Rebel cat banned from supermarket (but refuses to leave!) cat-wow
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A ginger tom cat has become a regular at his local Tesco store despite a strict “ban”! He's gently coaxed out by workers each time he arrives but he always returns.

By Natasha James

Published on the 29/01/2020, 22:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32

A not-so-welcome visitor

The Thorpe Marriot branch of Tesco has a most unlikely customer and it seems that no matter what staff do, he always comes back.

The moggy in question is a six-year-old tom called Pumpkin. He lives happily with his loving owner, Jo Harding, but at any given opportunity, pops to his favourite store.

Cheeky moggy

Local people have taken quite a liking to the cheeky little cat who can regularly be seen lounging around in his favourite spot, the self-service checkout.

The cat has become so popular that locals follow the cat’s adventures on Facebook and post pics every time they spot the little guy.

He's been known to lounge around the entrance, curl up at the self-service and even set up residence on till points.

A friendly kitty

He's clearly a sociable little boy and must love the buzz and friendly faces in this busy store.

His owner says,

 "I would often pop in after work, see him lounging around and say 'come on Pumpkin, come home for your tea' and he would trot after me." 

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Despite his popularity, the Tesco staff have taken the decision to “ban” the little moggy. They said,

“Although we love the little ginger cat who visits... a food store isn't the best place for a cat to be, so our colleagues gently encourage him to go out when he tries to come in.”


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Rebel without a cause

But this tiny rebel is not to be deterred and turns up most days anyway.

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