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Family home destroyed by bush fire, then their dog makes an amazing discovery

OJ put a smile back on his owner's face dog-sad
© LouisaCheatley - Twitter

When this Australian couple returned home after a bushfire, it looked like they'd lost everything. Then their pooch found something that put a smile back on everyone's face!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 28/01/2020, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32


Matt and Katie Zagami live in Wairewa, Australia, with their beloved Golden Retrievercalled OJ.

But they had to evacuate the family home after reports that devasting bushfires were on the way.

Evacuation time

The fires have already destroyed around 11 million hectares of land, along with 2,000 family homes and farms.

So when the Zagami's returned a few days later, they expected the worst.

However, nothing could have prepared them for what they discovered. All that remained of the family home was rubble and piles of ash.

But then OJ made a discovery that managed to put a smile on everyone's faces in the darkest of moments.

Because after searching through the charred remains for a few minutes, OJ found his favourite cuddly toy!

Journalist Louisa Cheatley shared the heartwarming story on Twitter:

"OJ returned to his Wairewa home today that was completely destroyed by fire. He found his favourite stuffed toy in the rubble."

The story soon went viral, receiving over 175,000 likes. It was also retweeted 21,000 times.

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Members of the dog-loving community took the opportunity to send their love and support to those affected by the bushfires.

Ten other houses burned to the ground during the fires in Wairewa. Thankfully, the area was evacuated in advance, and there were no serious injuries or loss of life.

Rebuilding together

The Zagami's are now trying to come to terms with the tragic event:

"It's just bloody devastating," said Matt Zagami. "To have everything taken away in one hit. The farm is one thing, but we lost everything in the house - everything."

The couple will now begin rebuilding the family home. It won't be easy, but at least they've still got each other, and at least little OJ has got his favourite toy!