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Glasgow homeless shelter admits dogs after following guidance from Dogs Trust

Two dogs lie on homeless persons blanket dog-happy
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Another homeless shelter in Glasgow has decided to welcome residents and their dogs after advice on the matter was published in November last year.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 01/02/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32


The Glasgow City Mission, a Christian charitable organisation that first opened its doors to the destitute in 1826, now accepts residents who are accompanied by a dog.

The Mission took the decision in light of an advisory at the end of last year put together by the Dogs Trust and Simon Community, Scotland.

Back then we wrote about SCS's new project called “Paws for Thought” which is intended to raise general awareness of the value of pets to homeless people.

It is estimated that only around 10% of homeless shelters in Scotland make allowances for residents’ dogs.

A report published in conjunction with Dogs Trust included guidance on the provision of dog-friendly communal rooms and risk assessments. The charity acknowledges that not everyone enjoys the company of dogs. The guidance also aims to make allowances for people who are allergic to dogs or scared of them.

City Mission

The Glasgow City Mission will, from January 24th, provide “items such as food, bedding and treats for pets,” writes the BBC.

The Mission acknowledges the importance of a canine companion to those who have nothing else in their lives. Homeless people may now bed down for the night at the Mission's winter shelter with their dog for company.

The charity has a Christian ethos and has been a mainstay of spiritual and material welfare for those in need since it was opened by philanthropist David Nasmith in 1826. Nasmith was responsible for the founding of City Mission movements in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. The rise of the Gospel Rescue Missions of the USA was influenced by Nasmith's work.

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Mission told the BBC the charity, “Recognised the importance of dogs.

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"We thank our friends at the Dogs Trust for their generosity in supplying all the necessary materials and accessories to allow us to launch this scheme,” they added.

"We have food, treats, bedding and toys ready and waiting."