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Woman’s photos of her incredibly obedient dogs become sell-out charity calendar

Dogs posing for calendar shoot dog-happy
© Kaylee Marie Garrick - Facebook

While dog owners tirelessly train their dogs to be well-behaved pups, one Scottish woman may just have the most obedient dogs you will ever see. With photos to prove it.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 27/01/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Kaylee Garrick is an ambulance technician from Scalloway in Shetland and the proud owner of eight loveable pups. Her gang of canine companions is made up of one handsome Alaskan Klee Kai and seven cute Shetland sheepdogs

Klee Kai's are a relatively new breed but rather similar to the Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute, but smaller.

Fundraising pups

But while all these dogs may sound like a handful, it seems that Kaylee has them all very well trained. In fact, these pups are so obedient and impeccably behaved that they have posed for a string of photos that have raised an incredible £2,000 for charity.


It's almost the weekend everyone - you're almost there! <3 Here's a little colour to help get you through thursday ;-)...

Posted by Fenton Goes Forth on Thursday, August 22, 2019

If you have ever struggled to get your dog to sit still for a family snap, you might feel a little envious of Kaylee. Her cuddly pack of pups will obediently pose in any way that Kaylee requires, whether it’s to form the shape of a love heart or wearing sunglasses and colourful wellies.

The dogs seem happy to do whatever is asked of them.

A keen photographer, Kaylee has long enjoyed taking photos of her dogs. But then she came up with the idea that her posing pups could be put to good use to make a special charity calendar.

Kaylee’s calendar not only showcases her fantastic photography skills but will also delight any dog lover.

It contains 12 very unique shots of her dogs. From dogs in wellies, to pups posing as Peaky Blinders, to doggies looking out over crashing waves and leaping into the air, Kaylee's crew have done it all. 

Obedient pups

Not only has Kaylee got her pups to sit still, but they all also look in the right direction at the same time. And it’s not photoshop wizardry. All the photos in the calendar are genuine photos.


"why.... I do believe its going to rain!" :-P haha! <3

Posted by Kaylee Marie Garrick on Friday, July 5, 2019

Well, perhaps with one exception.

As Kaylee explained to UNILAD: “People don’t believe me that the dogs are actually posed the way they are. They think they’re completely photoshopped. Admittedly, the ones where they’re jumping TOTALLY are (they would have banged into each other if that had been real).”

Positive reinforcement 

While dog lovers everywhere will no doubt fall in love with the calendar, may people will be wanting to know how Kaylee has managed to all eight of her dogs to pose so obediently for her. 

“I use a ‘positive reinforcement’ technique,” she said. “Basically, anything I want a dog to do I reward the behaviour that I want to see. Over time the dog associates doing what I want them to (i.e. posing) with the reward and will do it automatically when I want."

“My dogs are living proof that kindness through training wins over the outdated ‘dominance theory’ every time.”

Pawfect wedding guests

Kaylee’s dogs are so well behaved she even invited them as VIP guests to her wedding. As you might expect, her canine crew posed beautifully alongside the bride and groom.


Garry Sandison

Posted by Fenton Goes Forth on Monday, August 5, 2019

Supporting good causes

The money raised from the calendar has gone to Bravehound, a charity that trains therapy dogs for military veterans and the ambulance staff charity, TASC which supports ambulance staff. Two very worthwhile causes.

Calendar Dogs

Kaylee decided to create the calendar following encouragement by her followers on social media who loved to see her photoshoots of her dogs. For instance, Kaylee's Game of Thrones shoot is nothing like you would have seen before!

But she never expected just how popular her doggy calendar would be.

“The response has been overwhelming, I could easily have sold double,” she told the Scottish Sun. “We sold out extremely quickly, with orders flying all over the world. USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand to mention a few places.”

We certainly hope that Kaylee follows up with another doggy calendar next year. Maybe we can even look forward to a spinoff film and stage play too!