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10 men who absolutely, definitely do not like cats. At all. Okay?

10 men who absolutely, definitely do not like cats. At all. Okay? cat-happy
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Persuading the man in your life to get a cat? We say, let the kitty do the work for you. Not convinced? Look at these 10 men who have been totally won over by their fur babies.

By Natasha James

Published on the 27/01/2020, 13:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Men don't like cats. It's official. Until you, um, scratch the surface and realise that men are big softies when it comes to their little feline pals. We've scoured the internet to find ten of the sweetest chaps who absolutely love their kitties (however much they might have protested before they arrived).

1. This hubby whose actions speak much louder than words

This man claims he hates cats, this candid snap certainly suggests otherwise.

2. This fella who's trying to play it cool but is totally taking a selfie with his cat


A post shared by David (@dav.vs.wild) on

Come on, you don't fool us Mister.

3. This fella who would be happy to share his dinner if he didn't dislike cats so much...


A post shared by Simon Yosh the Adventure Cat (@backpackingkitty) on

Oh, you don't like cats, huh? What's with the adorable harness and cat selfie vids then? Gotcha!

4. This chap who gives little kitty kisses

“I don't want a cat. I've always hated cats. Nooo, not this cat, I love THIS cat.”

5. This guy who's far too cool to care about cats


A post shared by Guillaume Touches (@dime_darko) on

The tattoos. The long hair. The rocker t-shirt. Yep, looks like a classic cat lover to us.

6. This guy who invents the best cat games

It's important to keep your kitty entertained with new and inventive games. Especially if you don't, ahem, like cats very much.

7. This guy giving this fluffy feline a hundred kisses

You don't like cats? Yep, we believe you.

8. This man who's slowly turning into his cat


A post shared by Cole and Marmalade™ (@coleandmarmalade) on

When you spend too much time with your pet, you slowly start to show the same reactions and expressions so if this guy tries to tell us that he doesn't hang out with the cat alllll the time, we know he's lying.

9. This bloke who came up with the butchest, toughest names for his cats…

You could call them Butch and Rocky or, erm, you *could* call them Jigglypuff and Clefairy. Whichever, it certainly doesn't matter to this tough guy!

10. This chap who goes EVERYWHERE with his cat


A post shared by Simon Yosh the Adventure Cat (@backpackingkitty) on

“They're not like dogs, you can't take them on walks.” But you can, of course, take them up mountains and on treks and then watch TV with them afterwards.