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Watch: Adorable reunion shows just how much these dogs love their grandma!

The clip shows how much the dogs love their grandma dog-wow
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When dogs catch a whiff of something they love, they won't stop until they find it! And that's just what happened when these pups picked up the scent of their favourite grandma!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 26/01/2020, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Phil and Niko are a pair of Alaskan Malamutes who live in Essex with their dog parents, Emma-Leigh and Shane Matthews.

A very special pair of pups

The furry duo is a real part of the family and even had a starring role in their mum and dad's wedding!


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And they're super protective over their little human brother who arrived just a few weeks before Xmas.


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After realising she had a very special pair of pooches on her hands, Emma-Leigh Matthews decided to set up an Instagram account and Youtube Channel dedicated to Phil and Niko.

The Instagram account lifewithmalamutes now has over 400K followers, while the Youtube channel of the same name has 200k subscribers!

And one video shows just how much these pups love their favourite humans.


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The 2min clip, which has over 3.5miilion views, shows the giant furballs coming home from their walkies.

It soon becomes clear that they can smell something they like and the pair quickly go off in search of the scent. The dogs climb up the stairs, searching through all the rooms until they find what they're looking for!

It's their favourite grandma, and the pooches couldn't be any happier to see her.

Hello Grandma!

The pups pile on granny, covering her with kisses! Then Niko lets out a big howl, as if to say, "Welcome home, Granny! We're so happy to see you!"

And then it's time for a few more licks from the duo, just to make sure that granny knows how much they love her!

Now check out the adorable video for yourself!