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Watch: Coyote plays with dog's toys, and the pooch is NOT impressed!

The coyote decided to play with the dog's toys dog-wow
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A jealous looking pooch stood by and watched as a coyote decided to play with the pup's favourite toys during a surprise visit to her family's back garden last week.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 26/01/2020, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Penny loves her favourite squeaky toys. In fact, she's actually quite possessive over them.

Penny is not impressed!

So she was less than an impressed when an uninvited visitor helped themselves to the toys!

Now, Penny would typically go out and have a quiet word with the intruder. The only problem was, this guy was a wild coyote!

Camera footage shows the coyote playing its own version of fetch with the toys, as well as giving them a good chew!

The camera then pans down to Penny, who's watching the scene unfold from the safety of the kitchen.

Penny lets out a few big barks, followed by a warning growl. She seems to be saying, "Hey you, those are my toys you're playing with!"

She then looks up at her owners, as if to say, "Come on. Let me at him!" 

But cooler heads prevail, and Penny's dog-parents remind the brave pooch that she wouldn't stand a chance against the coyote.

The hilarious clip has over 80k views on Youtube. One viewer thought Penny deserved a shot at showing the coyote who was boss, writing:

"Penny's mad at you. You're supposed to hype her up and have her back!!!"

Penny had to sit this one out

Coyotes are a close relative of the grey wolf. They're native to North America, but they can travel as far down as central America and even Mexico. And although they might look big and cuddly, coyotes are fearsome hunters who prey on deer, rabbits, hares, and other rodents.

They've also been known to attack household pets, including cats and small dogs!

So while we certainly admire Penny's fighting spirit, it's a good job her owners kept her away from this uninvited guest!