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This German Shepherd is worth £300m, but it may harm his health!

German Shepherd Dog stock photo dog-wow
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Forbes doesn't take account of the riches of animals. But if it did, one dog would probably be at the top of the list. Meet Gunther IV: worth almost £300 million (and rising).

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 12/02/2021, 06:30, Updated on the 25/03/2021, 08:01

When it comes to rich humans vs. rich pets there is little difference to speak of. Not all pets have inherited their wealth (think Grumpy Cat) and not all humans have earned theirs (think 7th Duke of Westminster). The difference, of course, comes with how their fortunes are spent.

German Shepherd Gunther IV – arguably the richest dog in the world – was left his fortune by his father who inherited $106 million from his owner the Countess Karlotta Libenstein in 1992. Today, thanks to promising investments made by Gunther's trustees, the estate is now worth an estimated $372 million.

Unsurprisingly, the dog's fortune will grow year on year. Gunther’s acquisitions have since included real estate in the Bahamas, Germany and Italy, and a Miami property once owned by Madonna. According to Reader’s Digest, in 2001 Gunther even appeared with two minders at an auction in northern Italy, “where he successfully bid three million lira for a truffle.

The root of all evil?

Because most of the money “owned” by Gunther is tied up in real estate it is assumed that his daily life is not as lavish as we may imagine of a rich person. True, he is waited on by butlers and eats steak for dinner, but the lack of an owner and his constantly moving around the world is thought to be as hurtful to his psyche as it would be for a child. Writes Shepped, Gunther is said to be a

very high maintenance dog.”

It is very difficult to feel sorry for the rich, but, if nothing else, Gunther is treated well. And of anyone who looks after a dog, that is all that is asked.