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Loyal Jack Russell stays by side of three-year-old missing in Oz floods

Loyal Jack Russell stays by side of three-year-old missing in Oz floods dog-wow
© Western Australia Police Force - Facebook

The extreme weather in Australia shows no signs of abating, so when little Matilda was lost, her family feared the worst. Thankfully, she had her loyal pup by her side.

By Natasha James

Published on the 23/01/2020, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

The Australian bushfires have been raging for months now with residents praying for rain. It finally arrived last week and with it came huge floods in some parts of the country (while in others the fires continue to blaze).

The floods following the fires

Pilbara in Western Australia is one of the areas that's seen the highest rainfall in recent days, which has led to flooding and road closures. It was here that a family raised the alarm when their three-year-old daughter Matilda and pet dog couldn't be found.

Frantic with worry, the family’s only hope was that the pair were together and had managed to find shelter on higher ground.

A 24-hour search effort

A huge search effort began with helicopters searching for an agonising 24 hours before finally spotting Little Matilda and her loyal pup some 3.5km (2.1 miles) from their home. It seems that the little Jack Russell had not left the girl's side.

When she was rescued, the little girl was caked in mud but otherwise unharmed, and the pooch remained loyally by her side.

A loyal companion

Kim Massam, Pilbara's police superintendent, praised the rescue effort as well as the dog, who had “stayed with her that whole time”.

Jack Russells are known to be highly intelligent dogs who are loyal companions to their human families. They also make good guard dogs which must have come in very handy during the 24 hours that young Matilda was away from her family.

We imagine that after an experience like that, the pair will be friends for life. Good work doggo, we think you deserve lots of extra treats and tummy rubs after that.