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Are you the lucky owner of a cat?

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 28/01/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:32

It can sometimes be annoying to have to think about your cat’s litter. Well, not anymore! We have discovered a new product just for you. The company delivers to your door, once a month, a full litter kit containing a recyclable litter tray, litter bags and cleaning accessories. Natusan is the first service that makes it easy to turn your cat litter into trees and therefore to reduce the yearly 2.5Mn tonnes of non-recycled litter waste generated by British cats alone!


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Service description: 

  • Natusan service is an innovative litter subscription service for cat owners in London. The process is simple: we deliver each month your litter kit to your door; after one month, we collect the soiled litter and replace it with fresh litter. We then compost the soiled litter and turn it into fertiliser. 
  • The idea is to fulfil a crucial mission: sustainability hassle-free for all cat owners at a fair and transparent price. We partner with UK charity Trees for Cities and support them in the planting of thousands of trees in the London area.
  • We currently have two subscription offers, either the full litter kit (litter bags, litter tray, cleaning accessories) or only the litter bags (for those preferring to keep their own tray and system).
  • As part of this test, you will have the chance to try the full kit with natural clumping litter bags (then composted), litter tray and cleaning accessories (then recycled) for you to have a view of all our products at once!
  • You can find all the information on our website natusan.co.uk, on our Facebook page and on our Instagram page.


  • You must live in London
  • You must have a cat
  • You must leave a review at the end of the product test


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For the purpose of this test, you will only receive one month’s worth of this service.
It is important that at the end of the month’s product testing, you leave a detailed review here: https://natusan.co.uk/products/natusan-tray

Natusan is a monthly subscription based service. The accounts created for the trialists for the purpose of this campaign will be suspended following the reception of the product.