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WATCH: Wild elk and German Shepherd love to play together

Dog playing with elk dog-wow
© CPW SE Region - Twitter

They might seem like a rather unlikely pair of buddies, but the surprising friendship between a German Shepherd and a bull elk has been caught on camera.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 25/01/2020, 22:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

It's an unlikely pairing. But park rangers say that the dog and elk have been playing like this for years and have become the best of friends.

While the dog and elk are separated by a fence, that doesn’t stop them from having a great time together.

Game of tag

The pair run tirelessly up and down their side of the fence together. Meanwhile, another elk watches on from the distance.

Perhaps they want to join in the fun too.

For the past few years, a herd of elk has visited the property of a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officer, who lives there with his German Shepherd called Trygge. The animals visit around the same time each year. But while the sight of the herd could be intimidating, Trygge loves it.

Right from the start, the pup got friendly with the herd's leader, a large bull elk. And over time, the pair invented their very own game together.

Just for two

The rest of the heard simply watch what appears to be a game of tag between the two.

“They never seem to get aggressive with each other," Bill Vogrin from Colorado Parks and Wildlife told The Dodo.

"In fact, the bull could easily jump into the yard if it decided to. But they keep their distance across the fence line.”

“Amazing” footage

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) have described what you can see in the video as “amazing” and have shared the extraordinary footage on Twitter.

"They seem to know everyone needs to get out and enjoy the Colorado outdoors," CPW tweeted.