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Smiling Meghan Markle seen enjoying a relaxing dog walk with son Archie in Canada

Smiling Meghan Markle enjoying dog walk dog-happy
© Etriel - Youtube

Just hours before Prince Harry arrived in Canada to be reunited with his family, his wife Meghan is spotted enjoying a walk with her son and beloved dogs.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 21/01/2020, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

As the couple prepare to start a new chapter together in Vancouver, Meghan was snapped taking a relaxed dog walk in the woods.

While Prince has been ironing out the details of his future with senior Royals back in the UK, the Duchess of Sussex and the pair’s eight-month-old son have been in Canada. Harry has been apart from his wife and son for two weeks but raced through his last royal duty to be reunited with his family, even skipping his brother’s first ever Buckingham Palace reception.

Royal canines

Followed by two royal protection officers, Meghan was photographed taking a stroll through the picturesque Horth Hill Regional Park near the mansion where she has been staying. Looking relaxed and happy, Meghan juggled Archie in his baby carrier while she tried to keep a firm grip of her black Labrador called Oz and her Beagle, Guy.

While there may have been reports that Meghan and Harry haven't been happy for some time, she couldn't hide her smiles as she looked forward to being reunited with her husband and for them to start their new life together in Canada.

Rescue dogs

The royal couple's canine companions have been in Canada keeping Meghan and Archie company. Meghan bought Guy, her rescue Beagle, to the UK with her. Together the couple then adopted Oz, their rescue Labrador, during the summer of 2018.

Meghan is known to be passionate about rescue dogs. Not long after little Archie’s Christening, she said that she would like them to adopt a third rescue dog that will grow up with little Archie.