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Man sent to pick up wife's dog, comes home with the wrong pooch!

The man came home with the wrong dog dog-wow
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Ever loved and hated your partner at the same time? Well, this dog owner had the shock of a lifetime when her husband came home from the groomers with the wrong dog!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 26/01/2020, 22:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:34

Rudy Salazar had one job, and it was pretty simple: collect his wife's beloved pooch from the doggy salon.

He had one job!

Easy right? Well, not quite!

Because when Rudy walked through the door carrying a white fluffball, his wife noticed something extraordinary.

The trim she'd sent her dog for appeared to have transformed him into a completely different pooch!


Dog named Coco aka wrong dog

Posted by CoCo Salazar on Thursday, December 26, 2019

Luckily Mrs Salazar saw the funny side and sent her husband straight back to the groomers. He then picked up the right pup and reunited it with his dog-mum.

But how, exactly, did Rudy manage to come home with the wrong dog?

To be fair, the two pooches do look quite similar. But there's a bit more to the story than that.

Rudy's wife, Coco, is on first name terms with the dog groomers.

So when Rudy showed up, he said he was here for Coco, presuming they'd know what dog he was talking about. But as coincidence would have it, Rudy was talking to a new member of staff.

What's more, the new staff member had just finished grooming a dog named Coco. And this small, white pooch had a striking resemblance to the dog Rudy was supposed to pick up!

Is Rudy to blame? He doesn't think so!

So as you can see, it wasn't all Rudy's fault - or at least that's the side of the story he's sticking to!

Now this one was definitely a comedy of errors. But with both pooches back where they belong, it's more a case of all's well that ends well!


BooBear home safely...

Posted by CoCo Salazar on Thursday, December 26, 2019